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We welcome you to the site for tongue-in-cheek. Satire. Political nonsense. The Onion-esque. Liberal balderdash. Conservative ridiculousness. We’ll make it up as we go and grow. Join the journey; it’s unknown.

Yet, there’s still some truth to what’s inside, but only if you believe what Donald Trump has to say. Every day, he creates fodder for content marketers and journalists to poke some healthy fun at this cycle because, wow, if you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.

The country is divided; ‘Divided We Stand’ is the new mantra of these United States. Realtors in Canada are already running ads for Americans who want to escape for four years to our northern neighbor, regardless of who wins.

Disclaimer: Nothing on these pages is not taken from news reports, journalists’ stories, commentary heard on the street by political pundits, and direct quotes from Donald Trump himself. Did you get that? It comes from sources and most of all, it comes from the horse’s mouth and his behavior. A tad embellished? Perhaps because that’s the satiric nature of politics seen and heard daily by the elephants in the room.

This website is whatever it wants to be. It’s about world politics and the dudes who try to make it happen. It’s about the U.S. race for world power. It’s about…you tell us. What should it be about? Donald Trump? Kim Jong Un? Vladimir Putin? Barack Obama? Hillary Clinton? Jeb Bush? Yep, all of the above.

And, oh, it’s also about link bait because that’s the world in which we live. Lots of Google juice we all need to thrive and survive.