The Heart of Marketing Podcast Guest Guidelines

ALT="Heart of Marketing podcast, Go for Heart"The Heart of Marketing podcast is looking for a few good guests. Perhaps Donald Trump would want to be on the show to talk about marketing in disrupted politics, or, perhaps we can have a joint program with Hillary Clinton?

You may send your program idea to us when you visit Lead time may be four weeks, so please keep the timing in mind. You’ll need a good mic (we prefer something other than ear buds that have built-in mic) and Skype.

Heart Marketing Podcast Guest

Here are some of the factors we’d like to consider:

• Your orientation to marketing and your leadership position with a brand
• A story topic that’s relevant to current events
• Key learnings you can share about something in business with a marketing angle
• Your specialty or expertise in your profession (may be marketing or related)
• Your previous experience on the airwaves, as a blogger or speaker
• Anything else you’d like to add pertinent to a mid-tier business

We Need Heart Marketing Podcast Information

1. Your bio sketch
2. An image suitable for the web
3. Any links you’d like promoted in the show notes e.g. website
4. Image of your latest book with a link to Amazon
5. Your Twitter ID
6. Listen to an episode or two and leave a review/rating on iTunes for our show (after yours airs)
7. When the episode airs, please share far and wide among your own social connections.

The Heart of Marketing Podcast Benefits

1. Include you in the headline of the program with your Twitter ID
2. Include your bio and links in show notes
3. Promote the program on social media channels multiple times
4. Write a blog post about your show at
5. Your show will also appear on as another link.

We look forward to hearing from you! For questions, please use our contact form or reach us via email as above.