Is Donald Trump A Clever Marketer?

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So many agonizing things this week in the Donald Trump School of Hard Marketing.

Methinks he’s a clever marketer, do you?

USA Today tells the story about the most litigious would-be president on Earth or in the ground on Earth. Donald Trump LOVES the law and apparently claims he never likes to settle in fear others will come forth to ask for cash, too.

What’s plaguing Trump this week? Trump University. That failed, phony, fraudulent online real estate university that students who paid big bucks to attend never got anywhere with anything as it was a S_A_M. You can fill in the blanks. At least that’s what we’re hearing, and the Donald went after the judge calling him ‘Mexican’ but then said he had no problem with that.

The judge is under attack because some of the legal papers were released, and they didn’t look good.


Media Circus = Clever Marketing

So, onto the issue of the $6 million that was supposed to go to the Vets. You know, the money Trump raised instead of appearing on a  Fox-TV debate? Yeah, that money from four months ago.

Well, the Washington Post asked this week where the donations went — how much and to whom. All of a sudden checks began to appear! Voila. Ask a simple question and money appears magically out of some coffer.

But, instead of downplaying the whole issue, Trump instead whined about how the media should be ashamed that he was doing something really, really (you know how he loves adjectives) good, and the media attacked.

So, by turning the tables and deflecting, Trump made the media the story. He got more free publicity, although certainly there was no soundbite that could help his policy platform. He kept himself in the news cycle with a twist and turn that only he is capable of doing. Just ask the other 20 gazillion Republicans who couldn’t manage new politics in the race to the White House.

And, so it goes. America continues to watch the divisive Democratic battle with the Bern going all the way to the end, math or no math; with Hillary being undercut by email-gate; and Trumpster not being backed by all the Republican establishment (just by the nurses’ union in California who are vowing to fight at the convention).

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