Happy Birthday President Obama!

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Happy Birthday, President Obama!

Here are some of the Happy Birthday stories for the President of the United States (POTUS), who, incidentally, declared Donald Trump “unfit to serve” as POTUS.

MSNBC has a really nice story today.

Hillary Clinton sent an email with an invitation to ‘sign the card.’

Michelle Obama wishes her husband a happy birthday (last year), but look at that dress and those arms!

And, yesterday, happy birthday President Obama (those are key words, you know) declared Donald Trump unfit. The story is in The Skimm this morning, love that pub, with a link to the New York Times, probably the best paper around for liberal political slant.

And, then Donald Trump decided to love the baby and the baby crying, and then the baby kept crying and then he said, well, “I was only kidding, that baby should leave.” LOL, people are certain he was kidding, but who knows with Donald Trump?

And, then he inhales with his teeth clenched as if he was taking a snort; typical habit of his speech pattern; have you seen it?

A mom with a veteran in the military approached Mike Pence to ask, “how do you look Trump in the eye when he chastises the Khan family, a Gold Star family?”

Mike Pence declared honor to all of our military families.

Happy Birthday President Obama!