Putin Trump Alliance Could Be Real

ALT="Putin Trump"
Credit: CNN and Getty Images

A Putin Trump alliance was never a true reality until recently when Donald Trump decided to exclaim about his appreciation for Putin as ‘doing a good job.’ In a second breath he also lauded the talents of the North Korea dictator and also the very dead Saddam Hussein.


As if this campaign couldn’t get any worse. And. Then. It.  Did.

The Democratic National Committee was hacked, by some say, Russia.  It was warned to institute better security, but, alas, that fell on deaf ears. So, the emails of the DNC were hacked to the delight of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, who successfully ousted Debbie Wasserman Schultz (a predicted loss in Florida coming soon to a poll near you).

It was suggested that Russia was behind the hacking, and Donald Trump, in his inimitable way, suggested something to the tune of … Russia, if you’re listening, perhaps you want to search for Hillary Clinton’s missing emails.


A Putin Trump connection in the making, right?