Donald Trump Info And Resources

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Donald Trump Info is actually a resources page. It shows all the contributors to fodder for this site, and it also shows links to some of the places to go for healthcare, marketing counsel, auto body repair, and more.

  • CNN is a 24/7 global news channel you can watch on cable and streaming. It is the source for all things Donald Trump, especially during this election cycle. It covers the news, has a lot of political pundits who think they’re pretty hot (well VAN JONES is totes adorbs, absolute hottie), and some who wear kinda bad colors like the lady with the narrow face, pointy nose, and streaked hair. She should stay away from yellow; gross. There is the occasional Trump supporter at the desk; I think his name is Jeffrey who needs a haircut? And, then there’s Boris who is BORE-US, and that blonde with the straight hair who tries to fight hard. David Gergen is waffling; don’t like his waffling.
  • Heart of Marketing podcast is where we get some really heartful vibes, especially when the two co-hosts, who are hilarious, I might add, talk about the 5 Pillars of Heart Marketing. That’s where the gloves come off and the heart core is revealed. Does Donald Trump have a heart core that is heartful?
  • There’s an auto body repair shop in NE Philadelphia that caters to Mercedes-Benz owners and the Ford F-150 aluminum body. If ever you’re in that neck of the woods and need professional tradesmen, these are your guys.
  • Global Cardio Care is a place to go and reverse cardiovascular disease with EECP, this alternative cardiovascular therapy that truly does save life, especially when you add plant-based nutrition to it.
  • Black Wall Street Everywhere is the brainchild of Theodore “Ted Terry” Myles, one of the Los Angeles great broadcasters, who works with celebrities the likes of Dick Gregory, the Prince Estate, and others, and who also streams UrbanRadio2000.

This page will continually get updated as more Donald Trump Info is required to be sourced.