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Donald Trump Small Hands Marco Rubio Battle

ALT="Donald Trump small hands"

Remember in the early days of this election cycle when Marco Rubio said Donald Trump had small hands?

Remember what Donald Trump blasted back for all the world to hear? Something to the effect of, “I can assure you, I don’t have a problem in that area; everything works more than perfectly fine, I can assure you.”

And, the world did a collective gasp that a man running for president was referencing his the size of his penis. Perhaps after that presentation, Marco Rubio became, “Little Marco,” with that typical Trump inflection and finger waving.

Not long after, Marco Rubio exited from the primary race which left three candidates for the Republican nomination — Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

Donald Trump Small Hands V. Mitch McConnell Small Hands

ALT="Donald Trump Small Hands"
United States senator Mitch McConnell prepares to speak at the Republican Convention in Cleveland, U.S., July 19, 2016. REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

So this picture caught the eye. Mitch McConnell. The blustery Republican senator who is NOT squarely in the Donald Trump small hands camp. Well, you be the judge. It does look like Mitch McConnell’s index finger is taller than Donald Trump’s index finger, right?

Or, perhaps it’s the camera angle or perhaps it’s how many folded fingers are in the way of the height of the Donald Trump index finger?

No One Cares About Donald Trump Small Hands

For eons, men have been likening the size of their hands to the size of their penises. Women have never associated the size of their hands with the size of their breasts, but that does not deter a man who believes his shoe size and his glove size are in direct proportion to the male appendage that so many men prefer to think with.

In this case, no one cares about Donald Trump smallĀ  hands, unless his name is Donald Trump. Enough said. (Ahem, wait a minute, those fingers do look a tad short, don’t they?)donald trump small hands