Some Donald Trump News For You

ALT="Donald Trump dot news"Hillary Clinton has a ton of great content you can read. Donald Trump news is all over, too, so you don’t need us to find a good link. By the way, does this image look like he’s going to drop the f-bomb?

This is probably the most contentious race of this and the last century, and no one will ever forget it.

Donald Trump news is all about his love for adjectives. He calls people ‘Little’ Marco Rubio, ‘Lyin’ Ted Cruz, ‘Crooked’ Hillary, and every second word out of his mouth is ‘disaster.’ He claims President Obama is a ‘disaster,’ which is a noun, of course.

He also loves to tell people, ‘Trust me, I assure you.” And, he speaks in superlatives with repetition over and over (that’s really true repetition).

And, omgosh, look at this New York Magazine article from 2015 about the adjectives and descriptors in Donald Trump news!

The primaries were ugly, and the race to the White House is uglier still. The debates will be the ugliest of all (how’s that for superlatives?).

donald trump newsCredit: NBC