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What Donald Trump Persona Are You?

Donald Trump has a persona. An opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal said so, so it must be true.

What is a persona? It’s the character of the person you’re selling to; the consumers’ traits you need to understand so you can sell better; the typography of personality that marketers attempt to understand so that behavior is targeted and more marketing messages reach the right audience.

Get it?

Donald Trump Persona

Maybe it needs to be put this way — Donald Trump has a persona; it’s something akin to bluster, like Hillary Clinton says, and something he says he won’t change.

Think about it. Back in the day when he was rabbling against a gazillion other Republicans who wanted to run for president, they couldn’t get a word in edge-wise. Trump outshouted every one of them with soundbites.

Now, about five months pre election, Trump is still rabbling, but he’s doing it a the media, telling them they ought to be ashamed. He’s finger pointing at a sitting judge on his Trump University fraud case saying he’s a ‘Mexican’ when he was in fact, born in Indiana.

And, he calls Hillary crooked and Ted Cruz lyin’ Ted. His campaign guy called Bernie Sanders and old socialist curmudgeon and said they have nothing to do with him.

And, that’s just for starters. What kind of persona is that? A mean, nasty one that calls names at people who antagonize and create disharmony in that presidential wannabe camp.

It’s working. It’s working for all the Trump-ites who L.O.V.E. Trump and will never vote for anyone else. It’s working for the very same folks who have gotten stirred up to follow and lick up his every word.


Because it’s anti-establishment. This political cycle is crazy crazy; no one wants the establishment to win; thus, anyone anti-establishment is a winner. But, can it last that long? Will the Trump persona win over the next five months, especially as that type of vindictive negativity against humanity cannot be sustained. But, he has said, “I won’t change.”

Others say, “Let Trump be Trump.”

The PGA is moving its golf tourney from the Trump course in Florida off to Mexico. Trump said they need kidnapping insurance. Oooh.

So, what kind of persona are you? Like Donald Trump or better?

Is Donald Trump A Clever Marketer?

ALT="DonaldTrump.news, Hillary Clinton"
courtesy of HillaryCinton.com

So many agonizing things this week in the Donald Trump School of Hard Marketing.

Methinks he’s a clever marketer, do you?

USA Today tells the story about the most litigious would-be president on Earth or in the ground on Earth. Donald Trump LOVES the law and apparently claims he never likes to settle in fear others will come forth to ask for cash, too.

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The Heart of Marketing Podcast Guest Guidelines

ALT="Heart of Marketing podcast, Go for Heart"The Heart of Marketing podcast is looking for a few good guests. Perhaps Donald Trump would want to be on the show to talk about marketing in disrupted politics, or, perhaps we can have a joint program with Hillary Clinton?

You may send your program idea to us when you visit http://getheartmarketing.com. Lead time may be four weeks, so please keep the timing in mind. You’ll need a good mic (we prefer something other than ear buds that have built-in mic) and Skype.

Heart Marketing Podcast Guest

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