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VP Candidate Mike Pence Endorses Paul Ryan

ALT="Donald Trump dot news"Mike Pence is Donald Trump’s pick to be vice president. Seems his job is more ‘the clarifier,’ according to the Indianapolis Star.

Oh, the Trump camp is infuriating the GOP, and it stems from Donald Trumps lack of endorsement for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, the most powerful Republican in office right now. Reince Priebus, Republican Committee chair, is really mad about the whole thing. Is that how you spell that?

Trump stated in a Washington Post interview, “I’m just not there yet, I’m just not there yet.” (In regards to an endorsement of Paul Ryan.)

In addition, he did not endorse John McCain, one of the other more powerful Republicans in government today.

So, little Mike Pence, trying to keep the peace and balance in the Trump campaign, decided to endorse Paul Ryan himself. Will his smooth-over, kinda like Trump’s comb over, work?

Some are calling it leverage. Who’s more powerful than the other? It’s one upmanship, and who’s running for POTUS?

Only time will tell, as the Millennials continue to berate Hillary Clinton and also Trump for all of his antics. Looks like with all this infighting in the parties, the third parties may earn a significant part of the vote.

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign manager, called CNN today and told Dana Bash that the Trump camp is upset with the media and not their own candidate. Hmm. Interesting!

Do you think Trump will endorse Paul Ryan? Betcha little Mikey Pence is behind the scenes encouraging nice play in the sandbox, eh? Mike Pence. We haven’t even gotten started.